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Second click on Tab brings "Set Alias" along with "Close tab", but what is THAT alias? (I know others)


When I right-click on the tab, I have:

what is that for? I can’t find any docs on it or hints. What is that for?



An alias is an alternative name.

This way a repository can be represented with any name without touching the original’s repository (folder) name.

It can help distinguish repositories which use the same name on different locations.

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Aha! So, the use case is to name them differently if the folder name matches.
Let me seek where that is stored, then… Aha! I see, in the Preferences.sublime-settings config file! Great.

        "/Users/...../git_work/utilities/.git": "Team tools",
        "/Users/...../git_local/utilities/.git": "My local MacOS tools",

(@deathaxe, btw any knowledge on another tab-related question (How to open duplicate tab (and why :-) ), i.e. double open the same repo)?)

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