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How to open duplicate tab (and why :-) ), i.e. double open the same repo


Sometimes this is very handy, but how can to make this simpler way?

Just to open the same path in two tabs? (because for now, it returns to already opened, if it is open).

My way:

  1. open the repo in the Sublime Merge tab,
  2. create or have some symlink on disk to that same repo
  3. open that symlink with smerge ... or in another way as the symlinked path,
  4. it gets opened in a separate tab and treated by Sublime Merge as another repo

If someone says it might be conflicts working with one repo from a few places - I’d say it you doing that sanely it more cons than pros :). Let me explain:

My experience of using that:
It works well if you keep in mind that you are “in two tabs in the same repo, but SM thinks it is different”, and you will be accurate.

Why am I using that?
Very often, probably the “most” use I have or need from it is a sneak peek into content (search repo, commits, changes in history without switching branches) in another tab when I am doing MERGE, and already have merge window opened, on conflict, when rebasing, so I can keep editing left/right merge but in same time I can browse code on another monitor for changes to analyze code which I am merging historically and find some changes and answers for myself on complicated conflicts. Very handy!
Just one important sync, yet obvious: if you in merge in one tab, do not switch branches in another tab; otherwise, you will ruin your merge process.


Second click on Tab brings "Set Alias" along with "Close tab", but what is THAT alias? (I know others)

I am not aware of any other possibility to do that.

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