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Searching Uncommitted Code - Either Staged or Not Staged


I’m happy to see that a search exists to dig into commits using contents:
as of

Search file changes?

however I’m not aware of any way to search through just the staged or not staged stuff that has not yet been committed.

A simple use case for this is that I like to use Sublime Merge to work through committing whole files, chunks, or lines with a manual review of the changes and setting things as staged that should go and leaving debug or testing stuff that was missed as un-staged. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t see any way to search for matching text to expedite this review process. I don’t expect any editing behavior to be allowed, just read-only searching.

So does anything like this exist? If not I would like to propose it as a feature request.



I don’t beleive something like this exists, no; as far as I’m aware the find panel only searches commits but doesn’t allow searching in the index or in unstaged files.

The best place to file an enhancement request is on the issue tracker, so that the devs can prioritize and track it better. You can get there by using Help > Report a Bug from the menu.