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Option to change tab title formatting (for two files with the same file name)


Imagine the following directory structure.

|-- file.txt
`-- subfolder
    `-- file.txt

If we would open the two files with the same name the two tabs would show up as:

file.txt — our-project and file.txt — our-project/subfolder.

I read from left to right and dislike the formatting of these titles. I would rather have:

file.txt and subfolder/file.txt

It’s not only shorter but also IMO more natural to read.

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Well, I disagree, in my opinion I like the way it is now because the part of the name that repeats is at the beginning so is more easy to scan and read.

I prefer to read:


than reading


You also are assuming you have only one folder, the sidebar can have many folders. The way it is now is consistent (in my opinion)



A good anti-example would be opening the default and user key bindings files.




Good point I haven’t thought of this. You are right if you are using the side bar your eyes can quickly compare each line and then the current formatting makes sense.

Better directory structure to illustrate it:

`-- file.txt
`-- file.txt

file.txt — dependencies
file.txt — documentation-old-v1

dependencies / file.txt
documentation-old-v1 / file.txt

But I personally don’t use the side bar and if the current formatting is used all in one line (like it is with tabs) it becomes harder to read because your eyes can’t quickly scan it -> you have to read the file name first in order to know that they both have the same name. And then you proceed to read in what directories they are located.

I would therefore propose a setting to change the tab title formatting for those of us who don’t use the side bar and dislike the current tab title formatting.



Settings, settings… A setting to change the tab title formatting, yes, I absolutely like it. I suggest to file an issue as a feature request, . I may can predict this gonna have the less of the priorities, but one important thing to note you mention is to have “user options”, so we can independently decide what is best of us. Good luck



@tito How official is this community issue tracker? How can it be that such a successful project like SublimeText doesn’t have a public official feature tracker?



Been here for long and still there are some things that I don’t comprehend. I’m just used to it now. As far as I know:

The only official things in here are: and

Anything else is just community based, and the developer didn’t express any public support/acknowledge nor anything about all these things. Remember this is the “one man(or woman :P)” editor, that probably is very busy with real life, and other projects, and who knows what else. Also you may think that developing an editor could be “easy” but I guess if very very far from easy, when only one person needs to do almost everything, there are so many many thing involved(website, graphics, promotion, issues, distributing, papers, developing, and developing) , that avoiding to do anything “new” is proly a good thing.

So to be honest I don’t expect much. I don’t know him/her, and the reasons for being quite and silent are so many (from personal life, health issue, to even legal things) that, people that really likes this editor, well are trying their best to improve anything that help him/her to get the job done.

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I just came here through Google and find the answer in another topic, Sublime text add the parent directory if there are two files with the same name simultaneously opened.