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Include folder name in the tab label



I am using Sublime text 2 and have searched around for an answer but can’t find anything.

I often have lots of files open with the same name but they are from different locations. If I hover over it will give me the path to the file. What I would like is to include the containing folder in the tab label.

So currently my tabs look like this:

test.js | test.js | test.js

and what I would like is:

model/test.js | view/test.js | controller/test.js

Anybody point me in the right direction for the config to do this, or perhaps a plugin that could help?

Thanks in advance!


Multiple repo tabs with the same text

This should already happen. Though it isn’t “folder/filename” in the tab, it’s “filename - folder”

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Option to change tab title formatting (for two files with the same file name)

Thanks for your reply, I see it works exactly as you describe. I assume there is no way to change it to “folder/filename” instead?



No, you can’t change it. :\



Can this feature be turnned ON even if you have just on file with that name? For me it helps seesing the path/folder without going to that tab and then checking window title…



Hi, guys. Newbie here, checking out this awesome editor. Kudos to the author(s)!

+1 for always showing a folder name on the tab. Should be a user setting. Consider this structure:

demo admin index.php css site.css reports index.php settings index.php index.php
Open two of the index.php files, all is well. After hiding the sidebar and closing one of them, how do you quickly tell which file you are working on (besides the filename in the window title, which is “unreadable” on a 1920px wide notebook)?

I would go even further and make it intelligent. Internally you know if there are duplicate filenames down the main folder structure and only show folder name for those files. This way site.css would never show a folder name, but all the index.php files would.