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New window when in different desktop (Windows 10 Task View)


I have recently switched to Sublime and I am loving the experience.

However, I have found one major annoyance with the editor. When I open up a new Task View on Windows and click on the Sublime Text icon, I would expect new instance to lauch - after all, I have created a space for different work.

Instead, I am instantly directed back to a task view where other instance is open. There I have to manually create a new window and drag that to the new Task View - which is a LOT more clicks and actions just to launch a new editor instance.

Is there any setting I am missing that can ensure that new instance is launched instead of directing me to the old one when opened from a task view without editor already running?

My request is in a way similar to Windows 7 multiple desktops, cannot open more than 1 Sublime however, now Task View is integral part of Windows thus I would imagine should receive more attention.

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Open file in new session if current session is on a different desktop (Windows 10)

for those unfamiliar with Windows 10’s non-standard naming, Task Views are basically just Virtual Desktops.

unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no setting that would make ST virtual-desktop aware



As this is now official part of Windows, what would be the procedure to raise it with the dev team for consideration?



the GitHub issue tracker is a good way to log bugs and feature requests:

similar requests have already been filed for Mac:

but nothing I’ve seen for Linux or Windows, interestingly



Use the command line argument -n. You can manually edit Sublime’s Start menu shortcut to include this.

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This works. I can do it with the taskbar icon too. Thanks!