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Meetio Theme for Sublime Text (v1.6.0)


That’s what I like feedback.
@deathaxe thank you very much for commenting.

I agree with most of the points. I just did not want to follow a different approach from all the others.

So I just have the change log in Preferences > Package Settings > Meetio > Changelog because it’s easier for the user to see the theme changes.

The message.json is good for showing when the user has updated the theme, then you have no way to see what the theme has again. If you count by the people who install it fear directly through Github.

But as I said I liked to implement some functionalities to make my theme more flexible, so that the user could do some custiomizations without endangering the performance of Sublime Text.



The screenshots looks pretty nice. I would definitely give it a try after it’s available on Package Control. :grinning:

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Wass Up! Meetio Updates :tada:

Version 1.2.0 its available!

Meetio is the most powerful theme for Sublime Text 3 with Lighter, Darker & Palenight variations only for 3176+ version.


  • Add option Meetio: Theme Configuration this allow the possibility to overwrite the default variables


  • Update color of background in Schemes: Default, Lighter and Darker


  • Fix foreground and background color of status bar
  • Fix button hover


  • Remove Meetio: Theme Activator

Video for Meetio Theme Instalation:

Link for Github | Download Now | Twitter



Looks great.
Like the variables - Makes customization a charm.
Hiding the basic theme via .json is a good idea.

Some questions/notes:

  1. Do you think it is still needed to build the sublime-theme file from single json files? Good commented basic theme file should do the job as well, I think.
  2. Same question applies for color-schemes. The old tmTheme format was uneditable. So creating frameworks to maintain the color schemes more easily was ok. But the new sublime-color-scheme format should be able to do the job statically, doesn’t it?
  3. I get some messages in the console, if the theme is active.
    no such prop layer0.tint when matching sidebar_label against sidebar_label
  4. A templete for the theme configuration would be helpful to start with a valid userfile.
         "caption": "Meetio: Theme Configuration",
         "command": "edit_settings", "args":
             "base_file": "${packages}/Meetio/Meetio-Theme.sublime-theme",
             "default": "{\n    \"variables\": {\n\n    }\n}\n"

5. Maybe some of your source files, which are not required for ST to show the theme, could be excluded from the _sublime-package_ file by adding a [.gitattributes]( file to your repo. This could slim down the downloaded package.
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Thanks mauroreisvieira, I recently reverted back to Default theme & Mariana scheme because the Material theme was deprecated. Good thing the default theme is now way better than it used to be, but I still missed my old Material + Oceanic combo. I’ll give it a try when it’s available with the Package Control extension.

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Hi @deathaxe thanks.

I thinks if theme have splited in different files is more simple to change only small peces of code. Its only for help me put files more organizied, because in the end its compile all to one single file.

I go check, more people already warned me that there were errors on the console. Majority Windows users.


Good point. Thanks.

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Sublime Text versus Visual Studio Code in 2019

Hi @wbond, I’m already make a Pull Request this Theme for Package Control. What I need do next?

Only wait, or something in my PR is not fine?!



Do not fear my dear. ThomSmith, FichteFoll or wbond periodically review the Pull Request queue and ask for changes or just merges it. Just pay attention to your GitHub notifications or emails (if you enabled it).

Just remember they do it own their own free time and good will. They can take few months before getting back to you. Everybody have to work full time or no food. Then, open source stuff, only if and when they fell like.



Thanks @addons_zz. My questions is related to check only if are everything ok, from my side.



It looks like the automated checks have passed, so you should be good to go unless the manual review (by the volunteers mentioned by @addons_zz) turns up something that needs to be tweaked in some way. The automated tests find the most obvious problems that might block the PR from being accepted.

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Wass Up! Meetio Updates :tada:

Version 1.3.0 its available!

Meetio is the most powerful theme for Sublime Text 3 with different Scheme variations only for 3176+ version.


  • Add new scheme Meetio-Ocean.sublime-scheme
  • Add option meetio_tabs_border show border in selected tab.
  • Add various variables to customize the Theme.


  • Update colors in Palenight Schemes.

Do you like Material Theme?

Active the option meetio_tabs_border in Meetio: Edit Settings and past the following theme configurations in Meetio: Theme Configuration and the see magic happens.

  "variables": {
    "input_border_color": ["foreground", 0.1],
    "input_border_size": [0, 0, 0, 1],
    "panel_control_background_color": ["background", 1.0],
    "sidebar_background_color": ["background", 1.0],
    "sidebar_icon_folder_color": "#607a86",
    "sidebar_icon_folder_color": "#607a86",
    "sidebar_label_foreground_color": "#607a86",
    "sidebar_label_selected_background_color": "#00000015",
    "sidebar_label_selected_foreground_color": "var(color_accent)",
    "status_bar_background_color": ["background", 1.0],
    "status_bar_label_foreground_color": "#607a86",
    "tabset_background_color": ["background", 1.0],
    "tabset_border_size": [0, 0, 0, 1],
    "title_bar_background": ["background", 1.0],
    "title_bar_foreground_color": "#607a86",

Link for Github | Download Now | Twitter



Still not seeing this in Package Control; should I?

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Hi @benfrain. unfortunately not merged yet.
But when I do I’ll let you know. Let’s be patient :slight_smile:



Until then to get it working, you will have to do this:

  1. Copy the Github repo path, in this case just copy this link!

  2. Open Package Control and search for Add Repository. Click on it.

  3. An input box will open. Paste the repo link in it.

  4. Press Enter/Return and now try to install Meetio using Package Control: Install Package.

  5. Go home, eat and sleep!

:thinking: You may wonder why not the original repo?
:smiley: The original repo name is meetio (with small m). As stated in project README, the downloaded repo must be changed to Meetio (with capital M), otherwise this happens.

Doing above mentioned process (from step 1 to 4) for original repo will create meetio.sublime-package in your installed sublime packages and will cause above issue. You will have too rename the package manually to Meetio.sublime-package.

Now, every time sublime will check for package updates, it will delete the renamed file and install the meetio.sublime-package (with small m) and the theme will (not-literally) crash again.

Thus I forked the repo and changed the repo name to Meetio (with capital M). Thus, after installing the package once (with my forked repo), you wont have to rename the package every time.

:heart_eyes: When the official Meetio Theme will be available on Package Control, to get the official package in the package listings, do as follows:

  1. Open Package Control and search for Remove Repository. Click on it.

  2. Then after selecting the press Enter/Return.

  3. Go to your Sublime Text 3\Packages\User directory and locate Package Control.sublime-settings. Open it. Under installed_packages key, find Meetio and delete that line.

  4. Henceforth, the official package will be listed in Package Control: Install Package command.




Very nice @bantya.



@mauroreisvieira You took behemoth task in your hand. I am just helping you out! :grinning:

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Hi folks…

The Meetio are NOW available in Package Control :tada:



Wass Up! Meetio Updates :tada:

Version 1.5.0 its available!

Meetio is the most powerful theme for Sublime Text 3 with different Scheme variations only for 3176+ version.


  • Add new variation of scheme: Meetio-Ocean.
  • Add block_caret on colors schemes.
  • Add variable vsc_deleted when one or more of a folder‘s files has been added to the index for removal.
  • Add variable vsc_missing when one or more of a folder‘s files is no longer on disk.


  • Update name of Meetio-Ocean to Meetio-Cobalt.
  • Update color of caret in all schemes to use the accent color.


  • Fix typo in messages. Thanks @pykong.

Package Control | Download Now | Github | Twitter



Thanks for Meetio. It’s really, really great.

With 1.5.0 could you clarify how, in my User setting that I want the “block_caret” to be a certain colour? I’ve tried adding

"block_caret": "color(var(color_accent) blenda(var(color_black) 70%))",

but that doesn’t seem to do anything.



Hi @benfrain its because the block_caret its part of Scheme and not the Theme. The only variables you can overwrite is the theme variables.

Thanks for use Meetio. :slight_smile: