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Markdown hyperlink collapse/expand (Note: not "code folding")


My whole work-flow is text-based, and I’ve been using emacs/org-mode for a while. But I really miss using ST3/markdown. There’s just a handful of org features that I’ve really come to appreciate that I would miss in going back to ST3 - this is probably my top one:

I have developed a wiki workflow system in ST3 using markdown and python plugins that, of necessity, use extensively markdown link syntax like


Emacs has a similar syntax, but has an additional feature through the org-toggle-link-display command that takes all the org link in the buffer like:


and turns them into


once the final ] is typed or I hit the keybinding for org-toggle-link-display. Note that both the expanded and collapsed links are traverse-able using a mouse-click or a key bound to org-open-at-point, so the issue is not one of being able to use the link, but is really only aesthetics: having a page of text with just the link descriptions showing is so much more pleasing to work in.

Has anyone looked into such a feature? Not sure I’m smart enough to take it on myself. Apologies if this is a duplicate of something else - but all of my searching on the topic seems to lead to code folding - thus the title…



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Collaps/expand markdown sections?