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Collaps/expand markdown sections?



I use ST only for writing longer texts in markdown format, and I was wondering if it was possible to collapse markdown sections (manifested by headings). I don’t think it is currently implenented in ST, or am I missing something?

I’ve learned that this kind of collapsing-expanding is possible in Emacs’ “org mode”.

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Yes please, I was just in this moment also looking for that. The other plugin works somewhat but I’d rather like to have them collapsible like the native Sublime Text way.

Not sure if I want to get into org mode … might try the plugin though.

Does anyone know if plugins are able to trigger that behaviour? Shouldn’t that be part of the syntax defninition so a custom syntax should be able to do it?



This plugin, MarkdownEditing, makes it possible to collapse (fold) and expand markdown sections. Although it works, I must say, this feature is not perfect as implemented in this plugin.

Note that you need to restart ST for the folding functionality to start working properly.