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LaTeX -- Plugin -- Cleanup Auxiliary Files


The original question (which has since been edited numerous times) was the beginning of my ongoing quest to deal with the LaTeX auxiliary files using TexLive (MacTeX) on OSX (Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion) with Sublime Text 2.

Here is my unofficial modification of the LaTexTools plugin – build, save *.tex on build, dirty work occurs in /tmp directory, build window closes on success, copy *.pdf to working directory – Skim uses the *.pdf in the /tmp directory. … dification

Here is my own plugin – build, save *.tex on build, clean-up working directory when done. I have also added a /tmp dirty work and copy *.pdf back to working directory. They are two separate plugins in the same Python file. … uild-clean

Jan Hlavacek was kind enough to provide a Bash script-based solution: … x-document


LatexTools: Handle auxiliary files

This is also possible with the plugin LaTeXing even for ST3,



Guys, please be patient. I’ve been overwhelmed lately (yes, I do have a day job :smile: ). This is something I’ll surely add to LaTeXTools as soon as I get my life back…

If you sent a patch via github, it will be eventually looked at and, if it doesn’t conflict with other things in the plugin, it will be pulled. Just keep in mind that I’d doing this in my spare time, for free.

(LaTeXtools author).



FYI, as promised, the latest update (6/21/2013) of LaTeXTools has this feature. Hit C-l,backspace [where C- means ctrl on Windows and Linux, and Command on OS X] to delete auxiliary files.

I have pushed a bunch of other highly demanded fixes and new features, including tex engine selection for TeXlive.

You’ll get an update from Package Control, or get it from github. Enjoy! M.



With the current version of Sublime Text, how can I clean up the auxiliary files?