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Key input not handled correctly


Somehow sublime uses a way to read keyboard input that doesn’t really work with layers.

There have been multiple reports of the problem:

Essentially the problem is that many regional layouts require pressing something like Shift+7 for / or similar.
Now, pressing Ctrl+Shift+7 is interpreted by sublime as:
key evt: shift+control+7

Most people seem to solve these issues by rebinding keys, which is reasonable considering that different layouts might also have different accessibility for shortcuts. Ctrl± would be the correct replacement for Ctrl+/ on QWERTZ or Ctrl+! on AZERTY. It would however be nice to have a - possibly automagically generated - baseline. As it is many very important shortcuts are unusable out-of-the-box.

I’m not sure what’s feasible here. How could this be fixed?



at the end of the following thread is a link to an article about how Atom handles keyboard layouts:



Cool, thanks for the link!

I also liked the description of the bug that was mentioned there:
Interesting stuff.

It looks like for them the result is a collection of educated guesses as to what the user wants.
They also seem to provide an API now so that you can add your own code to figure out what should be happening.



There is this plugin:

With some work one could adapt keyboard layouts. Or just shift to a different keyboard layout in your OS while using ST.