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French keyboard, ubuntu fails to handle shortuts with numbers



On ubuntu 15.04 with a french azerty keyboard, I can not use shortcuts with numbers.
Logging the console shortcuts, “maj+alt+5” detects “alt+(” , and “shift+alt+5” detects “shift+alt+(”
given that “(” and “5” are on the same key on french keyboard (lowercase gives a “(” and uppercase a “5” )

So it seems that it does not differentiate lower case and uppercase when pressing those keys thus breaking a lot of shortcuts, among them the panel management and the ctrl+0 shortcut to access tree view.
I don’t want to change these shortcut, as defaults one are great.


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I had the same problem,
I just copy paste the shortcuts from the default keybinding and change the keys to “alt+(” or whatever I found in the console.

This is a bit tedious, but you need to do it only once.