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[Ideas] Different tab colors for each file type + aging tabs


I’m not sure if this was suggested before, but could be very handy:
I use ST2 mostly for developing for the web, which means I always have PHP, JS, CSS files opened.
It could be very helpful to have each type of file a different background color, so it will be easier to distinguish them from each other.

One more suggestion that I have regarding tab colors - Aging tabs.
I actually got this idea from a firefox extension ( … ging-tabs/ ).
Imagine having many files opened, but some of them are not currently in use, it would be easier to distinguish the active ones from the others if the background of tabs that are not in use will start to fade away.

I’ve photoshopped a screenshot to demonstrate both suggestions:

as you can see, CSS tabs are bluish, JS tabs are reddish, and I’ve left the PHP tabs gray.
The 2 last tabs are ‘aged’, and are faded out a bit.

I’d love to see these features in ST2 :smile:

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I love the idea of fading tabs out if they haven’t been used.



I love the idea too!



+1 from me too… sounds like it could be a very useful feature.



I would need this useful. It would make a good plugin.



Would be very useful, would really like if it was possible to use different color for different file types in the sidebar as well (and in ctrl+p).



I’ve added these ideas to the userecho system, as requested by jps.

I’m happy to see that others like these ideas, please vote for them in these links:




According to this post by Alan Bargi on userecho:

[quote]It’s now possible (in Dev builds) to have this but needs a little bit of tweaking.
create filetype specific settings and give them each a different color-scheme. or change the background color of a single theme and save it with another name and assign it to a specific filetype. this way you can have different tab colors for each file type here is mine:

I’ve seen at least one other post with it apparently working.

What is the syntax for this? Where does it get configured?




Ok, I figured it out. All it took was reading the post.

]Open up a couple files of different types (.py, *.html, .cpp, etc) or simply open a few "new file"s and assign each of them a different syntax./]
*]When each of them is selected, click “Preferences” -> “File Settings - More” -> “Syntax Specific - User” to open up a new blank .sublime-settings file./]
*]Add a line like{ "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Eiffel.tmTheme" } or { "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Monokai.tmTheme" }
to each .sublime settings file and save them./]
]Dance in your seat. :smiley: /]



Added my vote, this is a great idea! And the workaround will suffice, but I’d prefer a better way that doesn’t involve duplicated themes. :smile:



Does anybody know how to make this work in Sublime Text 3?
Thank you in advance!



Partially your needs are covered with ZenTabs. Plugin will automatically replace older tab when you open a new one, so you don’t overreach a configurable limit.
I also try to found possibility to change colour of tab but still without success. :frowning: