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I think you are losing sales


I wanted to purchase SublimeText3 because I love this editor after evaluation and I really wish to support you guys and see this project continues. I can always go to VScode. When I got to the purchase page it says there will need to be an additional fee for SublimeText4. Mmmm …

So now I am thinking, If next month SublimeText4 comes out and I need to pay again. Maybe I should just wait. I believe others thinks the same as me.

My suggestions, choose one of the following or all of them:

  1. Give an estimation when will ST4 will be released.
  2. Set a price what will be the upgrade to ST4, and what will be the price of ST4 at all.
  3. Maybe allow people to receive at least the next upgrade for free (I think you will see a high number of additional purchases immediately)
  4. Just drop the line talking about ST4 … but that is a bit of dark method.

Please update so I know if I should purchase.

Best wishes,



If they “losing sales”, they know about that…
They know what their doing :wink:



This conversation has occurred with every Sublime release since v1. :slight_smile:



I’ll make sure the FAQ gets updated to it is more clear.

As of early October 2019, all licenses for Sublime Text include 3 years of updates, regardless of version numbers.

Before then, licenses purchased covered only updates to Sublime Text 3. With such a license, the next major version would require an upgrade fee. The pricing for the upgrade, along with the exact release date of the next major version have not been set. There are still some other minor details to work out for users who purchased licenses before October 2019.

If you are buying a license now, your license will definitely include the next major version of Sublime Text, plus all other releases that come out within 3 years after the purchase.



I thought the same before making the purchase.




I bought my license in January 2018 and was a happy customer for quite some time. Right now, I wouldn’t buy the license again and won’t pay for another upgrade.

I understand developing something new like Sublime Merge is way more interesting than fixing things in Sublime Text that seem to be broken for ages … :frowning:

Take “Drag & Drop on Linux” for example: Drag & Drop on Linux, where the timeframe given in September 2019 (more than half a year ago) was “We don’t have an exact timeframe for the next dev build, but I’m hoping sooner rather than later.”

See " Files not added to Open Recent list on App Close", opened in May 2013 an still not fixed.

There are several other things that break my daily workflow and I invested money hoping to buy a product with good support. So instead of colleagues telling to go for Sublime Text, I told them my experiences and adviced them to search for another editor.

I don’t see a point in releasing a new major version if still several things in the current major version are broken or missing.



Drag & Drop for linux is in the current Sublime Text 4 build available on the Discord server.



thanks for the update. Will there be an update for ST3 which also enables Drag & Drop for Linux or will I have to buy the next major release?



Our licensing model has changed. A ST (3) license gets you 3 years of updates to ST (4+). We won’t be back-porting any non-critical fixes.



Sad to hear :frowning:
I bought my license in the beginning of 2018 and so it seems I’ll have to pay it there’s no ST4 in 2020.



@anmith I would be willing to bet that ST4 will happen this year.



@TheSecEng Nevertheless I guess there will be fee required in that case for @anmith.

As of early October 2019, all licenses for Sublime Text include 3 years of updates, regardless of version numbers.


I bought my license in the beginning of 2018

In general I hope Sublime HQ will update their sales FAQ soon to reduce confusions regarding this topic.