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How to launch ST3 instance with alternative profile (for plugin development) along with another instance with regular profile (for editing)?



I want to setup a development environment for developing a plugin for ST3. And in what I’m particularly interested is how to launch a instance of ST3, which would use “clean” profile with only the only plugin installed, that I’m developing, along with another instance of ST3 with my regular profile which I would use for editing the code.

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If you are on Windows you could just use the portable version as well as the installed version (or another portable version), as portable versions have completely separate data folders.



I’m using Linux.



do you want to launch both versions of ST simultaneously/have both open side by side?

maybe launch one under a different user account?



Yes, this is exactly what I want. But it seems, like there is no options in ST3 itself, for specifying custom profile directory. I think, I’m going to experiment with chroot.



I don’t know if it’ documented anywhere, but you can use a “portable” version of Sublime under linux as well.

If you download and extract the tarball version and then make a directory inside the extracted sublime_text_3 named Data (case is important, I would expect), when you run sublime from that location it will use that data directory instead ~/.config/sublime-text-3

Note however that if you do this you can’t have other versions running because the executable seems to communicate with an already running copy; possibly specifying -n to open a new window works around this, I never tried that.


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also see the undocumented --multiinstance flag



A few years ago I made a request to be able to launch ST using a specific config directory - but I can’t now find the request nor remember where I made it. Why don’t you make a request in the Interface Suggestions thread?


ST with different user profiles?