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Index ldb file path


I’m running on Linux and have company-wide home directories using NIS, so home directory has quota limit. My indexing is slow and sometimes buggy (not working). Have to routinely delete all content in ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Index which gets full. Question - can I configure sublime to create the index files elsewhere e.g. in project specific directories on my real disk?



As far as I’m aware there’s no configuration option to move anything out of the data directory to elsewhere.

One possible solution might be to symlink the Index folder to somewhere else on the drive. I’ve never tried that myself though, so can’t say for sure how well it would work.

Another thing to try would be to change the location of the data directory entirely to not reside in your home directory. If there is a folder named Data alongside the Sublime Text binary, that will be used in place of the normal Data directory location; the portable builds for WIndows do this, for example. In that case you probably want to do this from a version installed via tarball instead.

That brings with it the fact that if your home directory is automatically available everywhere, your Sublime configuration won’t be because it’s no longer in your home directory. That may or may not be an issue.



I haven’t tried it directly, but I’d be very surprised if @OdatNurd’s suggestion of turning ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Index into a symlink doesn’t work.

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It seems to work great! I’ll try it out and will post back if I find any issues.

$ mkdir -p /tmp/$USER/sublime/Index
$ cd ~/.config/sublime-text-3
$ rm -fr Index ; ln -s /tmp/$USER/sublime/Index