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How to I remove the last update?


How to I remove the last update (I current have Build 4107). This new version SUCKS and I don’t want to use this anymore. I love the last version. How to un-install this last update?

Drew Nathanson




You still didn’t answer me on HOW to downgrade this version. Do you have instructions on how this to be done?



From second paragraph of the linked post:

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I know you asked about which Snippets. In my case ALL OF THEM. I copied the directory Cache from another machine and that still doesn’t work. I guess the question is, where are snippet saved? I have a MAC which means its saved at: /Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Cache. That directory doesn’t exist now, and when I create it and copy the snippets back, the editor still doesn’t see it. Maybe there is a way to not downgrade if you can tell me where the snippet are saved?



Items in the Cache are just that; cache. It’s an undocumented implementation detail that resources like syntax definitions and snippets, etc are found and used from that location. The inference of being cache is that the content can be freely deleted if space is needed and recreated as desired.

Snippets are the same as any other package resource in Sublime Text (regardless of version). They’re distributed as a part of a package. For packages that ship with Sublime or packages that you install, they’re generally inside of sublime-package files and as such as not visible directly in any location.

For snippets that you create yourself, the package in question is your User package, where all of your customizations are stored. For example, choosing Tools > Developer > New Snippet... from the menu and hitting Save will prompt Sublime to store the file directly into your User package for you automatically.

I would not be entirely surprised if one of the changes in ST4 involves closing the loophole that resources in the Cache directory are found (I don’t remember that being explicitly stated during the beta, but one never knows). Putting the files into your User package should allow them to be seen.

It may also be worth mentioning that if a Sublime Text 3 folder appears in Application Support, ST4 will use it so that it will continue to use your own configuration, but in the absence of that, or if you manually create one, it will prefer a folder named Sublime Text instead (i.e. no version number since those are gone now).

As such, there’s also a possibility that if you have a clean install that your configuration is stored in the newer directory name, in which case it would also use the Cache from that location and not the one for Sublime Text 3.



Thank you for your explanation however I would have to disagree with it. I have a working copy of ST3 on another machine (also a MAC). It’s working just fine. I looked in the /Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3 directory for a specific snippet (i.e. setFunctions). I found the ONLY copy of that snippet in my ./Cache/Drew directory. The file is called setFunctions-sublim-snippet. There are NO other copies of this file. Therefore, whatever you did in this new release REMOVED the directory and any support for it. Now, in my ST3 working copy, there are a ton of different directories that for different kinds of coding (i.e. C++, Java, GIt, etc). It would appear that you don’t allow any of these to now work. So the question I have is: is there a configuration entry somewhere that allows me to set where I can have ST look for all my snippets? I was NOT able to find any. If you removed this ability, shame on you guys. This really hinders my ability to work. I guess maybe I should just move to VSCode and call it a day. I have been a loyal user since ST2 and have found a home with it. This makes life really hard for me.



Inside of the install location of Sublime Text, you will find a folder named Packages, and inside of it a set of files like Default.sublime-package and similar. Additionally, if you use Preferences: Browse Packages, then go up one folder level and look inside of the Installed Packages folder, you will see sublime-package files in there as well (assuming you’ve installed any third party packages).

sublime-package files are zip files that contain package contents, such as snippets, plugins, key bindings and all other resources.

Hence, unless you use a search that knows that a sublime-package is a zip file and looks inside of it, an inspection of files for a particular name isn’t guaranteed to produce a result.

A fresh copy of Sublime Text (regardless of version) should have no folders listed inside of Packages except for User; if you’re seeing other files there, particularly by the names of packages that ship with Sublime Text, then you may have one or more overrides that are blocking updated packages that ship with ST4 from applying their changes.

No; snippets and all other package resources are loaded automatically from all installed or pre-shipped package automatically, uness you use this setting (new in ST4) to stop it from doing so:

	// A list of wildcard patterns specifying which snippet files to ignore.
	// For example, to ignore all the default C++ snippets, set this to
	// ["C++/*"]
	"ignored_snippets": [],

To find and look at the contents of package files, the View Package File command from the command palette will find and open them for you, regardless of how they’re installed; looking in the Packages folder is not a complete picture of the package universe.



Not sure if this helps, I created a directory under the ./Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User directory called snippets. Under the snippet directory, I copied all the snippets from my working ST3 machine and then re-started Sublime. It would appear this now works as before. Not sure why but I’m happy that it did. All of the snippets are TEXT files (not zip) therefore I can read and
see them, find then (as individual files) under each of the different categories. Maybe this will help someone else who is having issues.