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Guna - simple, functional, conspicuous theme with a clock


Hi, I introduce my theme plugin, Guna.
It is a dark theme and colors are bright and were selected from wide color spectrum. It has a sidebar conspicuous clock. It is useful for full screen mode. The clock also displays status of active view.

How about trying ? :grin: Downloads are low than I expected … :sob:

Image of Guna

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very innovative with the clock idea :slight_smile: I was curious to see how you achieved that but for some reason all the Python code is compiled :frowning:



Most likely it is updating the theme every minute.



Though I will say, no offence to the author, but I am a little hesitant to install a free theme with compiled modules that seem to hide the code. This is mainly due to the recent harvesting of data concerns by other shady plugins. At least with paid plugins, you can at least understand why they are hiding the code

I am more trusting if I am purchasing a plugin (though I’ve never done that) only because if they are doing something shady, they’d lose their income once people find out about it. I am less trusting of a free plugin surprisingly. I guess the world is just making me less trusting.



@facelessuser, thank you for your comment. I didn’t think about like that. There are two reasons for putting pyc modules. First, I didn’t decide to make it free or paid. But I’m not ready to make paid system. Later, compiled modules can be open. Second, I’m not a python specialist. When I make every new plugin, I’m trying to test something new, new syntax, new idea,… My all other previous plugins are open source. At this time, I wanted to test a plugin including pyc modules like SVN. That experience will help me to make another plugin for future. @kingkeith, as facelessuser said :wink: @Clams, I’m a favorite your SystemVerilog user.



Understood. There are many reasons to only distribute pyc files (even in a free project), and there is nothing saying you should, or have to open them up. And let me be clear, you’ve done nothing wrong by including only pyc. I just found it curious for a free theme. After the recent debacle that hit Sublime where a plugin was secretly sending data, it may be something to be aware of. Anyways, good luck on your theme!



Tweak theme command is added with options. You can tweak fonts / colors as your own or combine with other color schemes. Here are some examples.

Guna + Ayu-light

Guna + Mariana



Could you tell me how to add those extra buttons to the status bar on the right side(“UTF-8” and “Unix”) as you do in your screenshot, please? I can’t find anything in the menus. Very good theme, by the way (for a modern theme at least).



Simply, add 2 options in the Preferences.settings.

“show_encoding”: true
“show_line_endings”: true



Ok thank you.



‘Adaptive’ mode added. It automatically changes theme colors as a color scheme which you select.



what’s the color scheme in your first screenshot ? I’d be interested by only using the color scheme.



It’s the original Guna color scheme which a set of the theme. You can find under themes folder right after installing Guna package.



thanks I missed it. It’s weird though it really look more vivid in that screenshot than on my desktop



I think that it is the difference of displays - monitor itself, color settings, brighteness, … the screens of the my office computer and home’s are so different from each other.



Hey, just wanted to pop in and say I really like this theme you made. The whole ‘floating panels’ style is such a refreshing change of pace from the dozens of flat themes out there.

The theme auto-adapting to the selected color scheme is real nice too. I’m a bit colorblind, so finding the perfect color scheme can be tricky, and it’s great that I don’t have to worry about finding a UI with matching colors, I can just pair it with this one.

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The weather widget is added (v1.4.0). The widget uses for weather information.
Please, refer to README(

Thank you.



I could use a little more information on how to get the weather widget working. Is the proxy required? Where do I get that?



Please see the readme for the package.



@west4me, a proxy is not always needed if you are not in a kind of port limited network. After getting your own id (, just fill app id, city in settngs. In fact, it is hard to use common id for limitation of access times.