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Get back deleted file


Hi Sublime Text & users,

I am a big fan of the ST2 text editor. However…

I recently tried deleting a folder by Right Click > Delete Folder. That didn’t work. I was given the option Right Click > Delete File. I clicked it. I saw a swoosh meaning that a file left, but my folder was still there.

I am now sweating,** as a random file is now deleted, my admin section does not work, and I cannot find the file in the Recycle Bin**.

I have not shut down ST2. Please let me know if I can undo deleting this file.

Edit: I am not using Git or SVN. This is the only copy of the file.



It’s gone buddy.
If you aren’t using revision control at the very least use dropbox. (shameless referral).

I know that in Eclipse you can retrieve old versions of your file through the history pane and I guess that could be a feature request for ST2.
You would need to create the file again, right click on it and choose history then you would get a list of various versions of the file that have been cached in the past. That would be pretty nice. This could also be a plugin I suppose.



Plugin “SideBar Enhancements” SideBar Enhanc.. (Clipboard, Open With., Reload renamed) provides “Send To Trash” on delete.
It works on Windows and Linux ( fedora, gnome ) I don’t know if works on Mac. When fails it ask for “Permanently Delete?”



Responding to a very old topic in case it helps someone.
Just happened to me on a file not yet commited. If you are on Windows, you can browse to the folder where the file was located and do Ctrl+Z



You saved me days man
great thanks

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Created an account just to thank you because you saved my day
Damn, it’s easy to misclick on those drop-down menu buttons