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Feature request: Raise a warning before allowing the user to commit when in a headless state


I often find myself having checked out a commit (instead of a branch) and performing modifications and committing, only to find that the commit that I just did is not on a branch and will be lost if I checkout another branch/commit. If there a way to throw a warning to the user before performing the commit, basically to nudge him into checking out/creating a branch at the checked out commit before creating a new commit?
Alternatively, if a user were to perform a commit while in a headless state, would it be possible to warn him before he checks out something else and losing that commit?


Support for git status command

Hi @jkhoriaty,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us - we’re always looking for ways to improve Sublime Merge.

I’ve gone ahead and created a feature request for you on the issue tracker:

Feel free to subscribe to the issue, and you’ll be kept up to date with any updates regarding the feature.

Kind regards,
- Dylan



Awesome, thank you @djohnston. I’ve subscribed to it.



I understand your pin, but this I think shouldn’t be in core SM. This would or should be via plugins or a git hook

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See also:

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Thank you for the link! But I disagree with you in that I believe it should be in SM:
In my view, Sublime Merge exists to make it easier for “regular” users to perform version control tasks easily without going through the command-line. It should be intuitive and easy to use while protecting the user against himself as much as possible. I’d like SM to reach the point where I can give a crash course about git to a new hire that didn’t use git previously, give him SM and sit back and let him do his thing without needing to get him out of tricky situations.
In that particular case, I’m an advanced user and I know how to get myself out of it, but many of my peers don’t. Given the high risk of losing work performed, I believe it should be part of the tool. And I’m not talking about blocking the commit, just warning the user to nudge him about the situation and giving him the option to continue or abort the commit.



Sublime Merge doesn’t exist to simplify git or make it easy for someone unfamiliar with git to learn it, which is why we use the same terminology as git, have a mostly one-to-one correspondence between UI interactions and git commands and show which commands are run and what their output was. There’s a lot of changes to the UI that we could make to improve a user’s first time experience with git while being a detriment to those already familiar with it. Simply put, one of our core goals is for Sublime Merge to still be git, and git being git you’re not going to get away with not teaching/learning how it works before being able to use it.