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Error loading syntax file ... PostCSS.tmLanguage


MacOS Monterey
Sublime 4121 version
installed packages: Syntax Highlighting for PostCSS

Recently (after updating to MacOS Monterey) SublimeText gives an error when syntax highlighting is enabled (postcss syntax only)

Error message:

Error loading syntax file “Packages/Syntax Highlighting for PostCSS/Syntaxes/PostCSS.tmLanguage”: Error in regex: target of repeat operator is invalid in regex $$?|(?=;|\s(|and(|{|}|),)

I was trying to uninstall Sublime totally, install pure Sublime with only syntax highlighting for the PostCSS plugin. Without success. The error still occurs

I understand this is caused by third party package, but Syntax Highlighting for PostCSS plugin hasn’t changed since June 6, 2017.

What can I do?



See the thread at Sublime text 4 error



Thank you! Solve this problem by converting tmLanguage file to yaml (menu tools - Developer - New Syntax …). Then uninstall old plugin.