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Dev Build 3101


Dev Build 3101 is out now at

There’s now a button on the status bar to switch between panels. If you have a custom theme, the relevant class name is panel_button_control.

Also changed is the way Sublime Text detects changes to open files. Sublime Text 2 would simply poll the current file whenever it was switched to. This has the disadvantage that any changes to the underlying file wouldn’t be noticed until either the main window itself loses and then regains input focus, or the active file was changed to something else and then back. In practice, this was only an issue if there was a 3rd party changing the file behind the scenes. It also wouldn’t notice background modifications to files that are never switched to.

Sublime Text 3 by and large worked around the missed notification issue by subscribing to file system change notifications, so that it didn’t need to poll. To work around file systems that don’t publish change notifications, it still polls files when an application window goes from an unfocused to a focused state, but not when simply switching between files. 3101 will now poll the active file when the active file changes, to better handle file systems that don’t send change notifications.


File reloading in ST3

Thanks, the installations issues reported in the previous thread has been resolved. Related, about the file changes it would be very nice if you add an event so we can subscribe!



@jps you are flippin’ amazing! I cannot test the file change fix(change) until tomorrow, but I will let you know if I notice anything while I work. I may finally be able to convince my manager(s) to let people switch to ST and purchase licenses. This was one of the key things holding that up.

Really looking forward to playing with the new panels api as well. I have a few custom panels in my plugins and this is going to make it so much easier to flip between panels without having to re-execute a command.

Thank you!



I don’t see this in OSX. I switched to the default theme, and I can’t see this new button. Maybe I am missing something.



Thanks for the update.
I just found a bug with the ‘Find Result’ file, which has a wrong highlighting with some non-English word near by the matching result. Here’s a screen shot for the problem:

I searched the word “post_hibernate” through my project folder, when there’s no non-English word nearby the result, the highlighting works perfectly, but when there’s some Japanese nearby the matching result, it highlights the wrong words.



You should be seeing the little rectangle in the bottom left.



Look like this issue is for all non ASCII characters when there is more than one “block” match (separated by …) in a file, the first “block” is correct but subsequent is shifted. The next file is again correct for the first “block” match.
Very annoying.

Welcome “back” Jon and thanks for your recent builds.



It highlights correctly when using find(“ctrl+f”) in a single file, but incorrectly when using “find all”(ctrl+shift+f).



Thanks for the Find in Files report, will fix for the next build



Nice work Jon!



Thanks for this amazing release train :smiley:

Keep it comming.



It looks like that the theme (Theme - DC) I use does not show it :frowning: Just tried the default theme and it showed.



Is Windows’s NTFS one of them?
I can’t seem to make it work. Editing a file also in notepad++, I don’t see an update when I press save.



I’m finding that Sublime 3101 has some issues on Windows (haven’t tested OS X) since this update and the filesystem scanning change. I didn’t have any issues with 3100.

With a project that has a node_modules folder (and thus a billion tiny little JS files everywhere) and a Gulp watch build running, I’m finding that every now and then, Sublime will now lock up my PC. Apps become non-responsive and Windows just stops letting me use window controls. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and bring up the task manager before things regain responsiveness. Gulp’s watch detection also sometimes I’m guessing clashes with Sublime, and reports that e.g. a Sass file being read after save is inaccessible (which didn’t used to be a problem).

I have to test it some more to be sure, but so far this has build been problematic for me. :slightly_smiling:



I just can’t see it no matter what I do :disappointed:.

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Suggestion: The notification about changed files should make it easier to say yes or no to all notifications. It’s annoying to have to click it multiple times when many files are detected as modified.

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Did you try the default theme?



Yep, my screenshot is showing the default theme.



I’ve had a chance to test the changes and everything is working awesome aside from one edge case. If I have a file open in sublime and edit a file in the same directory on the linux server using VI/VIM I get the “ReadDirectoryChangesW fails error code 58” error. As long as any files are open in sublime from the directory with the file that is being changed in VI the ReadDirectoryChangesW error is thrown. Once this occurs it seems like all file reloading stops working. I was able to see similar issues in ST2 so this is not specific to version 3. It’s got to be related to the way vi is locking the file and creating the swp file. Either way, it shouldn’t be an issue for me as developers using Sublime should not be editing in vi but I wanted to pass along what I’ve found. Using general processes such as echo to append to a file do not cause the error.

As a side question, has anyone found a way to read the output log? I want to scan the output for the ReadDirectoryChangesW error and display a prompt to have the user restart sublime. I have not tried to the new panels api, so that may be something that allows me to do this but I wanted to as while I was thinking about it.



Strange, works when I remove my themeconfig from usersettings. (windows 7)

The icon persists when I switch back the my prefered theme (until I restart sublime, that is)