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Deleting Folders


Hi guys,

I have been using Sublime Text 2 for the past month and really love it. However I came across an issue.
I was in a hurry today (I know it makes you do mistakes and it did) and instead of clicking on “Search in Folder” in the context menu guess what I clicked “Delete Folder” which could have been harmless until I figured there was no prompt for confirmation on this particular action and my folder was gone.
Needless to say I lost some stuff in the battle (working on network computers and trash is disabled), not too much luckily but still, what are you thoughts?

Edit: Maybe I should rather submit a feature request?



Use this:



Thanks for your answer and guidance,

However in the plugin you link to the built-in folder delete tool doesn’t ask for confirmation either.
But by reading the installation guide for the plugin I found out I could update my Side Bar’s layout by commenting out or moving thing around. So I got rid of the “Delete Folder” option as I am not using it a lot.

Works for me.

Thanks again :wink:



Vote on this issue here: … te-a-file/