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Current changes under WSL don't show in Sublime Merge


Category should be Sublime Merge, I couldn’t select it from the dropdown.

I am using WSL on Windows as my development environment. All Git repository files are stored within the WSL filesystem which I access in Windows at \wsl.localhost\Ubuntu. If I open a Git repository under Ubuntu in Sublime Merge, all of the Git history, previous changes, commit comments, etc. all show up fine. But no current changes do. Merge just sits there saying “Loading changes…” forever, making it impossible for me to do any staging, committing, etc.

Any ideas what I can do differently to get this to work?

This seems like a bug to me. How should I report it?




WSL doesn’t support filesystem change notifications, which Sublime Merge and Sublime Text rely on.



If your Windows 10 is relatively up to date (previously this was only possible on Windows 11 but recently it was brought to Windows 10 too) you can install Sublime Text and/or Sublime Merge directly in WSL and run them there, where both will be able to see file system changes.



You are suggesting that there is nothing that can be down to fix this until WSL supports these filesystem change notifications?



I am on Windows 11. I have been using Merged installed directly in WSL for about a month now as a workaround, but the GUI is just not nearly as pleasant to use.



I don’t know if Win11 will let you do this, but WSL1 does support file change notifications and I’ve been using it for years without issue. It’s fine for command line operations, but obviously not going to help if you need Linux GUI apps.



WSL 1 or 2 don’t support file notifications between Windows and Linux. File notifications work on both OSs individually.