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Current changes under WSL don't show in Sublime Merge


Ok, that makes sense, thanks.

VS Code’s implementation works very well. I use it almost every day with VS Code running in Windows but my repo located in WSL or on a server accessed via SSH. There are good graphics showing how it works here:

Maybe Sublime could implement something like this? Being able to use Merge for a remote server would also be huge for us.



For WSL, I usually rely on VSCode’s built-in Git support plus the Git Graph extension.

VSCode’s Git also suffers the same problem of ‘not reloading changes automatically’. Unlike SMerge it does have a consistent cross-platform GUI, no visual bugs, and wouldn’t suddenly force close or freeze on me.

I do have a SMerge license (just renewed today, too) but of late I’m relying on VSCode Git and LazyGit a lot more. I use SMerge when I need to commit specific hunks of text - VSCode isn’t very precise about that yet.