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Console output is exceeding sublimes buffer size can we get an allocation increase


I have to read through large sets of processing. I am not the only one as I will tell below. This sublime console output is limited to 3000 lines.

Shouldn’t we be able to adjust console output properties in sublime same as any other cli out there?

This question has been asked since 2010 and most go unanswered.

The alternative would be to send output to panel which I have done thanks to jbjornson at question: Getting own output panel. Installed the code as plugin; the results are the same as the console output buffer limited to 3000 lines.

What needs to improve this plugin would be a mechanism that writes the console buffer to panel as the console buffer writes to console window.

Is there any help here now, I will figure it out on my own given enough time; however, I do see this a a feature request where users have access to adjust a subset of console properties such as font size, buffer size, buffer display out size, colors same as other cli out there.

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Thanks in advance for your time!

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The next Sublime Text 4 beta build will have a setting for this.