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Change panel output history length


I am writing a plugin that generates 50k-100k lines of text in the output panel. But due to a some history limits I can only see 3k-4k lines. Is there a way to change the output history size for a panel?

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I’m not aware of any way to extend the internal length; output panels are represented to the API as regular view objects, so I would have expected that they have the same limits as regular files (though admittedly I’ve never tried to open a file with that many lines).



Are you perhaps referring to the console (using print in a pugin)? If yes, you might want to look into creating an output panel or a new view in the main window and write to that instead, using the append command, for example.

As @OdatNurd already mentioned, I’m not aware of any limits for output panels.



Yes, I have been using output panels. However often times I only see the most recent 3k-5k lines. I thought maybe there was a limit to the history size. But since you say it has regular file sizes, there may be another bug in my code. I will double check.



Not sure if you have a size limit. It would be good to investigate



There must be something wrong with the threading I did, because now it works just fine with the output panel.