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Conflict resolution merge identifies entire file as diff instead of individual lines or hunks


When resolving conflicts, I expect Sublime Merge to identify each line or hunk that changed on both sides and allow me to pick left or right. Instead, SM identified the whole file (< 400 LOC) as one conflict and only allowed me left or right choice on the entire file content. Is that normal?



If the entire file is identified as a single hunk, then there have been changes on every line - typically this is the result of either a line ending change, or less often, a tabs<->spaces conversion or file encoding change.

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This can also happen if the file was created in each respective branch.



I do systematcially see a diff on the entire file just because of whitespace (mostly line-endings), “hide whitespace changes” helps but sometimes hides useful white space changes (indentation in python code). While merging this is very unpractical and requires me to open a third-party app to do the merging…



hi, I am experiencing the same issue at the moment. I was wondering if you found a solution? What startles me is the fact that sublime merge rightly identifies the conflicting lines before I click on resolve.



No solution yet on my end



I see the same behavior: multiple conflicts are identified/marked correctly before selecting “resolve”, but conflict resolution view shows one big conflict as in the picture above.