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Configurable Title Bar Text Format



I know this thread was already brought up numerous times: Project name in the window title but I wanted to raise the issue again, because although it might look like a minor issue it seriously hinder the usability of the editor. According to this thread I’m not alone either: though I’m not sure if that’s an official issue tracker for Sublime Text or not.

Consider this example taken from Ubuntu 16.10 with Gnome Shell 3 and Tint2:

These are all Sublime Text Projects, but you can’t tell what exactly you are looking at.

Alt+Tab doesn’t help either:

Now using the script from the above GitHub issue:


The problem with this approach is that it’s too distracting to have your title bar constantly switching back and forth between the default title bar format:

path (project) - Sublime Text

and the desired one:

(project) path - Sublime Text

So, that’s my feature request :slight_smile: