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Clicking on tab creates a new window


I’ve seen this problem reported a couple of different times. Also, I know quite a few users that have this issue. What happens is when I have a Sublime Text window open with a few tabs, I change focus to another window while I’m doing some other task. When I switch back to Sublime, I click on the tab that I’m wanting to view with the same click that is giving Sublime Text focus. Quite often, this results in the tab being pulled out of the existing window and being opened up in a new Sublime window.

I’m pretty much able to reproduce it every time I want. My current setup is a Sublime window with two panels. About 5 tabs in each. I click on another window to bring focus to it (I’m on a 3 monitor setup). Then, when I click on the tab in Sublime that I want to view, I click and then immediately move my mouse down into the content of the window. If the click and the move motion happens close enough together, the problem occurs. I’ve been VERY careful to make sure that the mouseup event happens before the actual mousemove event but it still happens. The problem seems to happen a little more when the computer is laggy.

This problem is REALLY annoying and I know quite a few people that would love to have this fixed. I hope this helps. Below is a little more information about my system in case it helps.

Sublime Text 3 - build 3047
Windows 7 x64
Intel i5
8 Gigs ram
Two nvidia graphics cards with 3 monitors
Aero is disabled



I have the same problem. The behavior is identical to what one would expect if you were to click and drag a tab - therefore I assume the issue stems from click handling, where the click is being identified as a click-drag as opposed to a plain click.

I also believe this a performance-related issue. I’ve got another thread that discusses my experiences with plugin_host.exe and a pretty terrible memory leak. ST3 just seems to be “laggy.” (I know, shoot me - that’s a terrible bug report).

Also, I noted in the other thread that this could be related to directory traversal - I’ve noticed that sometimes there’s a “crawl” process that seems to instantiate and disappear at startup - not sure if that’s helpful.

Sublime Text 3 - build 3054
Windows 7 x64
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
One ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL) with 3 monitors
Aero is enabled




This is a serious issue. I can’t believe that we are the only two on here having the issue. Please, if you have experienced this issue or know someone who has, pipe up! It would be helpful to know how widespread the issue is. Mabye there are only a small handful of us.




Still seeing this ALL THE TIME. Anyone else?




Thanks for the reply, but if you read the thread, you’ll see that I’m the last one to post on it. :smile: Anyway…

So I found something interesting. I was having some slowness / hesitation with typing and things. I tracked the issue down to a plugin called GitGutter. I’ve been playing around with enabling it and disabling it. It seems that the tab issue mostly (if not all) goes away when GitGutter is disabled.

I’m hoping that someone else having the issue can validate this. Or maybe someone can install GitGutter and try the above suggested steps to see if they have an issue too.


I seem to have tracked it down to a specific feature on the plugin. “focus_change_mode” evaluates changes every time the view changes! When I disable that feature, it seems to go away.



This issue haunt me for a few months now!
Yesterday, in a final effort to find a solution before I completely remove it from my HDD, I stumble upon this thread and I wanted to reply.

Because the owner of this site has a very inefficient way of handling spam I just got an account, but in the meantime I’ve solved the issue and resolved it (or I found what caused it and removed the bastard).

For me, it was the plugin Mercurial for Sublime!
To find out I had to remove sublime, install it again and then install each and every plugin again. Just my luck, Mercurial was the last one I actually installed :angry:

I hope this will help you!



This issue has started happening to me big time. I thought it was because I may have been using a gesture on my magic mouse but I’ve specifically avoided that and it still randomly happens.

I don’t know what else to do except to say it just popped up less than 2 months ago or so.

I’m using the latest ST3 build on macOS 10.12.5.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



in my case was the mouse speed , dual booting fedora with w11 i noticed the difference in mouse speed in the two OS’s , beiing the linux much faster and then “the penny dropped” , i thought i was clicking but i was slighty dragging the tab and that opened a new window.
the solution was to reduce the mouse speed.