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ST3 plugin_host memory leak


When running ST3 for a relatively short period of time (less than 5 hours), I can see a huge spike in unreleased memory - see the screenshots.


Clicking on tab creates a new window

I could be wrong about this, but I believe plugin_host is running all of the plugins you have installed. So it’s possible a plugin is leaking memory. Of course, that’s just a guess. Try running ST without any additional plugins and see if the issue persists. You may also want to selectively disable plugins to see if one of them is causing the issue.



@skuroda - Thanks for you comments. Yeah, that’s exactly what the plugin_host is doing (much like the similar process for FireFox called plugin-container).

I have a good idea as to which plugin is leaking. My expectation is that the plugin_host would protect me from egregious misbehavior of any plugin, and I think this qualifies.



Additionally, what plugins do you have installed?



@jbrooksuk: I have numerous plugins installed. The one that consistently leaks memory is the SFTP client, and I’ve notified the author, but he doesn’t see the same behavior.

I did just find something that may be meaningful - I’ve disabled all my packages, and when I open a folder, I can see 60+ Hard Faults/sec being issued from the sublime_text.exe. If I close ST and re-open it without opening a folder, the CPU stays nice, and the memory doesn’t leak and the hard faults stay at <10/sec.



I’ve seen similar memory usage, unfortunately, I was in a hurry and have had to restart it quickly, next time will try to investigate, it’s very possible to be some of the packages I developed :blush:



@tito: any news?

This makes it almost impossible for me to use the SFTP package - I can’t sync up/down as my this causes significant memory consumption.

Any help is appreciated.



Now news, I remember this started with the last update. At some point, I deleted all the packages, and reinstalled. I’m not seeing the problem now.



I thought I had done this. I’m going to try again.