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Can't seem to find a way to select multiple files, to stage them all at once?


I just downloaded Sublime Merge today, to try out.

I can’t seem to find a way to select multiple files, to stage them all at once?

(I’m on a Mac. I tried various key modifiers as I clicked. What am I missing?)



Hi @michaellenaghan,

Thanks for reaching out. We designed the interface to allow us to stage individual files in quick succession using the stage button, or via the keyboard shortcuts.

We currently don’t support multi-select on files, but we do offer the Stage All / Stage All Modified buttons / keybindings for larger change-sets.

- Dylan Johnston

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I regularly hit the wrong “Stage” button (wrong file or hunk vs. file) which is extremly annoying and very likely especially with large change sets. I often realize it long after a commit was done.

That said, commiting half of a changeset of 1000 changed files is not charming. You hit 500x “stage” button or “stage all” and 500x unstage.

Sure, we could use the “Files” pane to go through the changes via keyboard quickly, but I somehow find it too complicated to bring it to the front - or at least I can’t get used to use it.

Nevertheless I’d really beg for the file tree(s) to get some love. It would help much to be able to organize “Modified Files”, “Untracked Files” and “Staged Files” in a tree with the ability to stage/unstage whole directories, if selecting single files is not an option.

A tree would also improve readability of deeply nested file structures, which are currently truncated to an extend identifying single is impossible in many cases.

Depending on nesting level it may or may not make sense to horizontally resize the tree view.

The diff view should only show files contained in a selected folder then.



Thanks, Dylan.

My one-day-in take is that I’m having to stop and think about how to do a lot of things.

I think the issue is that there are too many places the conventions I’m used to don’t work.

Multi-selecting a list of files is one example. Here are some others:

  • I stumbled onto the fact that right-clicking a tab popped up a menu. The menu contained keyboard shortcuts, like Shift+Enter for Stage. But the keyboard shortcut didn’t work even though the focus seemed to be on that tab. I think I need to be in the diff for it to work, but I’m still not sure. If that’s true, the keyboard shortcut shouldn’t be shown on the pop-up menu for the tab; the tab doesn’t accept that shortcut, the contents do, and the contents should have their own pop up menu. Well, the contents do have their own pop up menu, but Stage isn’t in it…

  • The fact that Untracked Files are closed means I have to work harder to make sure I don’t overlook any files I wanted to commit. But the really surprising thing is that all untracked files are gathered together in one tab, breaking the convention that one tab = one file.

  • The way the tabs are drawn keeps messing with my head. There are three columns of info. They’re delineated by different background colors. But the tabs above the columns are continuous, working against the idea that there are three separate columns. Furthermore, all unselected tabs use the background color from just above the tabs; they all bleed into the same area. For example, right now Commit is unselected, as are all of the file tabs further to the right. They all have the same color as the band above them, again somehow breaking the illusion of “three separate columns with tabs at the top of each.”

All of this is really, really meant to be constructive; I always find that “first time user take” very valuable, because once you’re familiar with a product it’s hard to pretend to be unfamiliar.

And, yes, I get that this might be entirely a me thing.





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