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Rework "Files" tab


Please rework the “Files” tab. Right now, it is (sorry for the harsh words) mostly useless. It is listing the full path for all files and truncating the paths if they are too long. This does not make any sense: I need the information, so please don’t hide it. Present it in a better way instead. Here is an example of a “Files” tab done right, taken from a random Gitlab merge request.


You see a tree view where you can close subfolders and there even is a filter!


New Filter tool for Locations in Dev is nice! Some suggestion to it

Can’t you just select the tree button in the bottom of the panel? Or am I missing something?



I guess it doesn’t filter to just the changes in the tree.



In that case it shows me the full project tree. I was only thinking about the changes in that commit.



Yeah, I see that. I’m sure you could make a request on the Merge issue tracker. That is usually how they track requests.



Issue tracker is here:



See also these issues:

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Can't seem to find a way to select multiple files, to stage them all at once?

Hi @fdr,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us!

As you’ve noted, handling long file paths is definitely an area where the files list can be improved.
Rest assured, these kind of improvements are definitely a focus for the Sublime Merge team.

For the meantime, I’d suggest giving the issues that @srbs has linked to a thumbs up or subscribe. This way, you can be notified when we have further updates to provide.

- Dylan

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Hi @djohnston, thank you for your kind reply. This is good to know! I will create a github account in order to put my vote onto the issues.