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[BUG Build 2122] Renaming file doesn't update opened tab


If I have a tab open called “foo.txt”, and in the sidebar I right-click -> Rename and change the filename to “bar.txt”, the filename changes in the sidebar but not in the currently open tab.

This creates a very inefficient workflow because now when I close the old “foo.txt” tab and it prompts me to save, it creates a new file called “foo.txt”. I then have to delete “bar.txt” and rename “foo.txt” to “bar.txt” in the sidebar, making sure any related tabs are closed.



I am having the same issue, renamed (or deleted) files reappear when you have autosave on unfocus activated without you even noticing.



This issue still lingers and is highly annoying. Once again, basic functionality is missing and the bug has been ignored. How can I feel confident in purchasing a license when issues that arise are ignored?



There is plugin SideBar Enhanc.. (Clipboard, Open With., Reload renamed)
Which update(reload) every tab affected by a rename, move or cut and paste operation. Also, adds some handy functions.