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Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3


Oh, no, I should not do that) I think that Material Theme is the choice of those users who want amazing ST look out of the box, that’s why it’s so popular. Boxy Theme is the choice of those users who need hackability and have very specific tastes. Skins are just the example how they can customize it.



The Material Theme skin looks exactly to my Material Theme, that is a different theme from your Boxy. It uses exactly the same UI color scheme, but not the code color and doesn’t follow the original Material Theme specs. I think it can trick users that, perhaps, think that Material Theme is only a skin of Boxy, i think you should specify that this skin is a replica of the original theme and give a credit, maybe in the description



Oh, I understand, I’ll add a credit in the readme. Previously I added it to the wiki, but it seems not many users take a look at it.



Done. I’ve added link to the original under the skin section. Also I’ve added reference link in

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Love this theme, thank you !

Just a request - is there anyway to adjust the top margin/padding inside the editor so text isn’t up against the top bar?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible :disappointed: You can post your request here.



:eyeglasses: Boxy v5.0.0 :eyeglasses:

Starting 5.0.0 this theme uses zz File Icons package to display file icons. Please install the package and restart Sublime Text.

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Add zz File Icons support
:heavy_check_mark: Add Boxy Nova theme
:heavy_check_mark: Add Minimal skin
:heavy_check_mark: Add settings to change the minimap viewport opacity

:gem: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Add Boxy Nova color scheme

:tada: In Action

:sunglasses: Thanks To

@mattst for 002e3a7



BOXY is great, there is just one thing that annoys me.

You update too often - it starts getting annoying to watch your IDE doing the update …

… wait … broken layout … wait … wait … restart -> OK … almost every second day … :confused:



I imagine at some point it will slow down, but the man has got ideas he wants to get in :slightly_smiling:.

Some packages hardly ever get updated. I’d rather get updated too often with useful stuff than rarely when certain things are broken. I imagine there will come a time in the future where it will have most everything everyone needs and it won’t get updated too much. I say: when a developer feels like pushing out work, let him/her, because the time will come they are too busy or not not motivated enough to get to issues (at least that’s my personal experience).




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Thank you oivva!

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Why is are these functions listed below not working? Everything else is working so far. It is one of the best themes ever!!! I also tried to tinker with Boxy theme code more directly because I wanted to change the syntax highlighting from red to blue (in which I failed because I couldn’t find it) and the color of the brackets to red (so reverse the colors).

// Make dirty icon to be always colored
   "theme_dirty_colored_always": true,

// Set green accent color for the dirty state
"theme_dirty_accent_green": true,

// Add rounded corners to the tabs
    "theme_tab_rounded": true,


You can use settings only for UI themes, color schemes could be changed manually. Some settings not working in some contexts. E.g. "theme_tab_rounded": true doesn’t work if "theme_bar": true. Also you have to use one accent color, I think theme_dirty_accent_green doesn’t work because you have activated another accent.



See this for manual customization.



Only the buttons are not working. The dirty pencil itself is working.



Please provide your settings and screenshot.



What do you mean by settings? I will provide the screenshot.



Do you mean the environment?



This highlights the problem perfectly.
Special attention to the tab.



Ah, I understood you. Yes, that’s not possible when you use filled tabs and I have no plans to add such functionality, sorry.