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Better delete and rename in side bar


I know many of you are as annoyed as I am by the fact that the corresponding views are not updated if you rename or delete a file with the side bar menu.

It annoyed me enough to try to fix it. Here is my code. Enjoy.

In addition, I changed the New File side bar command to immediately save the new file. I prefer that behaviour, since you then get the correct syntax set right away.

It is not a full plugin, I just updated Default/ for simplicity.

ETA: Removed on request



Most of the code comes from SideBar Enhancements plugin which already provides the feature you are posting, and in a better way because you removed some special parts…

While I don’t have problem with people using my code, you never requested permissions to use the code. This is a very bad use of my contribution and I’m very disappointed… :imp:



I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed. However, the readme for my Gist clearly states that the RenameViews code comes from SideBar Git, which as I see now shares much of it’s code with SideBar Enhancements. I never tried SideBar Enhancements before doing this, since it wasn’t immediately apparent at a quick glance that it actually provided these anhancements. I have now installed it and it does indeed do all of this and more. I will therefore remove my Gist from GitHub.