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ARM build?


How likely is it that we could get an ARM linux build of Sublime Text 2? Just got my Raspberry Pi in the mail today and would love to put Sublime on it. : D


Arm64 build of Sublime?
An ARMv7 version maybe?
Raspberry Pi
Windows on ARM Build Request

Im here on the forum for the same reason. Looking for a RasPi/ARM port. Happy to pay for a license, but that’s the platform I need it for.


Sublime Text for Raspberry Pi 3 with Rasbian OS

@sublimetext dev:
I would like to post a link about how to cross-compile raspberrypi’s armhf binary with relative less fuss, in case you want to do a quick compile test using your current linux source. … vironment/

Note that the debian wheezy image for raspberrypi has extensive packages available, so i believe if you can compile the linux binary in debian without much difficulties, they should be easily compilable in armhf as well.



This build would also be greatly appreciated by the people that use picuntu on Rk3066 based mini computers like the mk808(b), UG802.



Or people who have the Samsung Chromebook that has the ARM chip, as it’s a 250 USD laptop that can run Ubuntu.

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I just started using sublime and really like the features.
I too am missing the arm build (i’ve got a chromebook) and i don’t think i will continue to use sublime / purchase a license if i cannot use the software everywhere.

I see people asking for an arm build everywhere but have not seen a statement by the developer.
Has anyone got more information?



Throw another request for an ARM version on the pile. Was really hoping to get ST2 on my Chrubuntu install.



I wrote to the sales team and they say no arm build is planned because the invested time wouldn’t pay of. I hop that as soon as more requests come in they might change their mind.



Let me clarify that statement: Given we only have a finite amount of time, any time spent maintaining an ARM build would take away time from other areas. At this stage, I believe this would result in a net negative to Sublime Text’s users.


Sublime Text for Raspberry Pi 3 with Rasbian OS
Sublime version for ARM Macs
iPad version any time soon?

So after Sublime Text 3 is out, we can hope that an ARM build will see the light of day?



Dear JPS,

I think a arm port would be a nice kickstarter project, if there is enough demand, you will receive quite a sizable financial support to get the arm port done.

And to be frank, with linux, the CPU architecture is a way lower barrier, i don’t think a linux ARM port would take that much of resources.


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Just registered to say that I’m very interested in an ARM build for my new Samsung Chromebook.

That is all.



jps, I hope you’ll reconsider your position on an ARM build. I know several developers who are using Chromebooks, and some who use a Raspberry Pi. All of them were previously ST users but have now had to learn how to use something like Vim or Emacs. The number of users wanting an ARM build might be small now, but with tablets and phones becoming more powerful it’s only a matter of time before people want to start using them as their main dev machine. Ubuntu Touch is a prime example of this movement.

Best regards.



For what it’s worth, geany is an alternative that works on Crouton with Ubuntu installed for Samsung Chromebook Arm. Not Sublime Text, but works.



Also just registered an account to say that an ARM build of Sublime Text 2/3 would be great. I currently have a few devices on which it is impossible to run this program (Raspberry Pi/Chromebook), and with it being closed sourced software it’s not like I can just recompile it.

In my experience it generally is not hard to cross-compile to an extra processor architecture if you’re not doing anything funky either. :cry:



just wanted to say that i also would like to buy a license for sublime-text for teh arm (armhf, ubuntu-raring) architecture! i got my quadcore arm ready for laravel development…

so pls guys, dont let us wait any longer…




I need Sublime Text 3 ARM Build too. :neutral_face:



Today’s news :smile:
Another reason to invest time in ARM port :smile:



To jump on the back of this, a build for SurfaceRT users would be cool. Obviously RT would have to be jailbroken for it to work.



+1 for an ARM build.

Message to the “sales team”: I just purchased a license, so now I am customer. Hope you care about me! :wink: