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An ARMv7 version maybe?


I sometimes code on my Raspberry Pi 2, which is an ARMv7 device (Debian/Raspbian), but I cannot find a compatible Sublime Text version for it.
There’re some IDEs exists on it like Code::Blocks and some text editor like gedit, but I really want to use Sublime Text for coding as I’m using it from my Mac to PC.
I think you may just have to cross-compile an ARMv7 version and that’s all.

Apologize for my poor English :stuck_out_tongue:


Arm64 build of Sublime?

There’s a long, existing thread for an ARM build request: ARM build?

I don’t think that Jon (the developer) has replied to that thread.



He did, actually, on the first page even:

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[quote=“FichteFoll”]He did, actually, on the first page even:


Oh the search engine didn’t work (for real), my apology.
Since this question started many years ago (long before Sublime Text 3 and Raspi 2), it seems really won’t work.
But since even winehq supports arm devices, can’t see the importance of the ‘maintenance’ problem…