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Zettelkasten with ST



I’ve finally decided to save time :smile: and seriously make usage of my ST4 license by using the editor for all my writings (note-taking, blog posts, articles, preparing slide-show presentations etc.) by using Markdown markup.

Besides that it will be used for all my web-related tasks - writing HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Smarty/PHP…

However, I’d like to see more capabilities when it comes to note-taking, especially Zettelkasten method…There was great package available for it, but it is unfortunately abandoned.

Another option which I’ve found is Notedown, but it also does not show a lot of activity in a recent year.

Maybe the most feasible solution would be to add some missing features to the default Markdown package

Of course, it is always possible to use ST4 solely as the editor for taking notes, but it would be nice to have more complete package…

So, wondering if there is something else used by SublimeText users which can help with ZK method?

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Not a solution for ST but I use Typora for all my non-code writing. In that aspect you can use any md editor, I prefer Typora (free) over Obsidian/other editors



I am using Rene’s sublime_zk for 3 years now, it’s working perfectly. I wish it will be possible to link to chunk of text in another note and have visual representation of notes (Obsidian have both features) but in any other way it’s most superior ZK stuff now. IMO, of course.



I believe it is, but I’m reluctant to depend on it for some like note-taking seeing it is abandoned by the author himself with zero contribution from other people…so I’m leaning towards Joplin and using ST as external editor. :thinking:



Well, I have other point of view: I depend on markdown files, which are plain text files. In the future, I can always switch to another editor. As for Joplin, it’s a great app, but I’m not sure about ZK use.

Do you mind share your system for using Joplin for ZK?



Same here. :wink:

Joplin-2.5.x has ability to export all your notes as MD files + (YAML) front-matter, so it’s reasonably future-proof. :slight_smile:
I’m just starting with it, but here is my set of plugins which does help with ZK:

Link Graph UI for Joplin

Automated Backlinks and

Quick Links

Update: There is also Joplin Note Link System, but haven’t tried it yet…

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Nice! I miss graph representation of links in ST. Maybe I’ll install Joplin just for use this plugin. But, I suppose, it’s a matter of habit. I’m used to write in ST+sublime_zk



You can continue to use ST as Joplin’s “external editor”. :wink:

Btw, does sublime_zk work with ST4?



I know. :slight_smile: But I can’t import my notes in Joplin AND preserve sublime_zk [[links to notes]]. So my plan to use sublime_zk+ST4 for writing and Joplin to show me the links graph failed :frowning:
Sublime_zk works perfectly in ST4



Are you aware of this fork? It apparently added/fixed some buggy behaviour…

Another option which is still considered here is nb - no graphing (yet), but there is plugin for backlinking and your sublime_zk notes should probably “just work”. :wink:



Yes, but I’m rather conservative so: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. :slight_smile:

It seems interesting, I’ll check it in WSL, thanks.

BTW, Found way tor graph representation, clumsy one: VSCodium+markdown-links :slight_smile: