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Zed is faster than Sublime Text4?


Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.



I don’t think 31 ms is going to make any significant difference… whatever this graph is measuring.

Said that, Zed is an interesting project but it currently supports only Macs and that’s a pretty serious limitation.



At least we’re both – much – faster than VSC.

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You can’t blink in 31ms

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Sitting in front of a computer screen causes you not to blink very often so that’s fine. But jokes aside, what I would be interested in seeing, besides a build for Linux, would be how are they going to support plugins for example. I know LSP can cover some of that, but I did not see any mention of extendability there.



Labelled axes are for boomers. Embrace the no label vibe



I think it is normal for VSCode and CLion load slower since is more like ide. I test Zed here and there, for me if they solve the memory/cpu high that I have when using it. It will be a very nice option.



Not sure what those guys measure, but a vanilla ST starts in 50-80ms on my box and requires just 55MB RAM.

My normal ST setup requires 300ms to start with about 100 packages/plugins installed and dozens of cloned and symlinked packages with an overal size of about 2.5GB.

I’d say that’s pretty much faster than Zed. Or is it just Windows, which is faster than Mac? :wink:



How much RAM st is using with your normal setup with 100+ packages?



But has anyone compared Zed to Zed?



With no files or projects open, it consumes round about 160MB


Right after opening ST’s Data folder memory footbrint grows to something about 220MB. It grows a bit over time due to undo history etc… But well, the LSP servers often consume much more.

The concept of Zed however looks pretty promising, even though it feels like they copy ST using Rust and add some long wanted features such as builtin terminals or colaboration.



To be fair without heavy plugins in my setup Sublime Text expands to around 1GB of RAM after a week of work but that’s fine since Chrome now offloads tabs too.

But again, I’d like to see how is Zed going to be extended, because even if Rust (theoretically) could give them better velocity to ship features faster it will never be enough compared to a community of plugin developers. And then the question would be: what type of technology they will be using for writing plugins, lets imagine that won’t be Rust right, so the question is what exactly. Or maybe I’m missing something and all of that could be done through LSP?



I imagine you had some lsp, so I asked. It is pretty low, for 100+ I was expecting a consumption like ide.

About zed, yes collab is interesting/useful when on team. And I think I read something they will monetize on this…

Thanks for reply



Yea, not sure what they’re measuring here. I get around 600ms cold starts on ST4 and I barely have any plugins installed on my system.



I’ve add more image to show the comparison.

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The system resources difference is next to nothing, we got it, though I like where is this going. If they had a build for Linux I would have even tried it, maybe.

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The multi-buffer editing looks neat.



LOL these kind of ms benchmarks are so funny to me, who cares

Also its available for one platform only.

This talks a big talks, and nothing else



Just tried that, I open its settings and add one line

  "buffer_font_family": "Iosevka",

and press ctrl+s… and then the whole program becomes “Not Responding” and all I can do is force quit. :disappointed:

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Curious. Will they be open to supporting Sublime’s syntax engine?

Afaik, @ThomSmith tried this with Atom but it was not well received by them