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Your favorite color scheme?


Hi. I have updated the color schemes (4) that came with the Autumn Theme. Maybe you like one of them.

This is one of them:

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Zenburn are not too bad either!

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I use the SoDa Reloaded Light and Dark themes. Both are my favorites and work really well with helping me focus on the code. For color schemes I use brackets color scheme all the way. It really works well. I’m currently looking for any possible dark color schemes to use with SoDa Reloaded dark as brackets dark is okay but I haven’t tried it that much as I mainly have been using light styles.

Anyway you should really check those out their really nice. Good luck!

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I’d also like to add I use an extension called “A File Icon” which adds all the icons to your file tree structure without having to have any type of material theme. So you can use whatever theme you like and still be able to have the nice icons. A great idea I think.



I’m so happy using gruvbox theme/color scheme.



I like the AM iOS color scheme. I prefer it because it does not directly effect my eyes.