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Yet Another Request: Native FreeBSD support


So I know there’s a few other times it’s been requested, but a native FreeBSD port would be fantastic! I know you can run it with the Linux-compat layer (mostly), but it’s a bit annoying to install it for just one piece of software. Any possible chance? Maybe this decade?

And yes, I bought the v2, and v3 licenses. I love SublimeText, just wish it had native port across my other development platform.

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Happy new year!

I’d love to have Sublime Text for FreeBSD. There are people that can help porting this!



We don’t plan on building for freebsd, but in terms of the raspberry pi we do have an arm64 Linux build that should work through Linuxulator.



Thank you for your reploy, @bschaaf. That’s sad to hear, because even though Sublime works very well in the Linuxulator, some features are missing, such as filesystem updates, which makes the experience just short from Sublime.

I hope you guys will give this another look, until then I’ll keep using it in the Linuxulator.



Does the Linuxulator not support inotify?