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Would moving the location of subl.exe cause any issues?


I wanted to put subl.exe into the PATH. But instead of adding the whole “Sublime Text” directory to path which has other .exes besides subl.exe, I created a “bin” directory and move subl.exe there and that’s what I put to PATH.

Would moving the location of subl.exe cause any issues as for example when updating sublime? Should I not be moving files within the installation directory of sublime?



When updating Sublime with the auto updater or Windows installer, I believe it removes any extraneous files in the installation directory, so you’d need to re-apply your “customization” after every update.

Perhaps it would make sense to instead just symlink to the subl executable from a directory like %HOME%/.bin/ which would fully be under your control and add that to the PATH? Actually, I guess it would make sense to put it under the local appdata, as technically it wouldn’t roam very well across other machines (where ST is not installed or installed in a different location etc) if you were to log into those with the same AD account …