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Workspace VS Project VS Window layout


Hey everyone!

Not sure I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t seem to be able to store the window layout for my projects. Is that intended?
I tried creating sublime project and workspace files.
What I need to store:

  • Folders added to the project (not necessarily “sublime project”; could as well be workspace, I’m not sure)
  • Currently selected files
  • Window layout
  • Optionally chosen font size and chosen syntax highlighting theme

I’m on macOS and I don’t use source control.

Best wishes,



The state of windows that are stored in the session information when hot_exit is enabled includes the layout, the list of open files and their current states (including unsaved changes) as well as things like the undo history for files that have had changes made since they were opened.

If you create a sublime-workspace for a window, that file will store the state of that particular window instead of it being stored in the global session information, and if you create a sublime-project you automatically get a sublime-workspace file that associates with it (though you can create more).

Can you describe the steps you’re taking to set things up and in what circumstance they don’t come back?

Since you mention MacOS it is possibly worth pointing out that on that OS, closing a window and exiting the application are not the same thing, so if you are not using a project and you close the window, the state of it is not persisted.

This manifests as closing the window, the app remains running in the background, and then later when you try to relaunch since Sublime is already running it just opens a new window instead and it appears that it didn’t persist anything.

In such a case, actually quitting the app instead of closing the window should solve the problem, all else being equal.



Thanks for the detailed reply, @OdatNurd !
I just tried again, and, for whatever reason, it worked. Not quite sure where the problem was. It didn’t save theme and font size, but that’s alright. The rest was preserved. Maybe I needed to create the project file, which automatically created the workspace file, and last time, I may have created the workspace first and the project later manually.
Now, I was even able to close the window (not quit the app) and preserve the data. I do need to sometimes close a window in order to open and work in a new one (different project), because quitting and opening again automatically restores the last window (which is great).