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Working with Filter on Files in Merge


Hi all,

Is there a way to filter and then selectively pick files to be staged in Merge?

Here’s an example: Say I have this structure:

    |- cpp/{file1.cpp, file2.cpp}
    |- py/{,}

and say I want to stage file1.cpp and, but not file2.*. I can filter the files in Merge by, say, "file1" and it shows the right results. But if I want to select them both for staging, apparently I cannot do that.

Of course, this is a simple example, but I can imagine a more complex query using regex, say, which matches, perhaps, tens of files which I most definitely don’t want to select one by one.

Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible in the current version?



The Files tab does have a search feature that allows you filter modified/staged/untracked files, but it’s just fuzzy match I believe and does not support regex search or anything. So you’d have to type the filter based on what you want to search & not what you want to exclude.

Maybe you can create a feature request on if you want regex search like capabilities in the Files search.



Yes, thank you.

The idea is that if I filter or search for file_1 like you did, I’d like to have checkboxes to select them one by one.

I know I can select and stage them all by right clicking the header where they appear.

But yes, I’d like more flexibility than “one or all” we’re having now, as well as more powerful search & filter tools.