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Working with a remote server



I’m new to Sublime and I’m really impressed so far. One thing stopping me from switching over completely is the lack of FTP support. When developing a site I’m typically working on a remote development server, this allows for ease of deployment and saves time as I don’t need to wait around for websites to upload when I’m done.

In other editors like Notepad++ I’m able to work directly off the sever, only ever downloading the files that I’m working on and uploading them again on save. From what I can see this functionality can’t be replicated in Sublime (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I’m just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and how you get around it - without having to manually download and upload files all the time.




I have not tried, but there is a plugin for that from the creator of Package Control.



The Sftp plugin does not allow you to browse through remote files via the sidebar like in Notepad++, PsPad or other editors. You could download a whole folder and browse / sync through that. However working with a CMS like TYPO3 containing 10.000+ files you dont want to download / sync all of it.

In my opinion it is a very important missing feauture, not having descent FTP remote support for this kind of quality editor. Until this is implemented we will not buy any licenses for Sublime (OSX / Windows).



On linux/osx

I use this each and every day for several months w/o any problems whatsoever. As long as you’re working only over sshfs and not sideloading any files or creating them directly on remote location you’ll not see a difference between sshfs mounted files and local ones (with -oworkaround=rename even remote git repos work as expected). Well, the search/replace in whole folder trees is slower and if you create new file remotely you will have to force listing refresh, but that’s the price you pay for working over network.

On windows I tried this:

when it worked, the expierience was similiar, but overall it was less stable than sshfs and I pretty quickly gravitated towards linux VM even on my windows boxes.

Whit FUSE in place there are countless projects which will let you mount exotic remote and not so remote locations (see basically anything holding files is a go: FTP, WebDav, bz2 archives… whatever your heart desires :smile:



I guess you can use OSXFuse or Brew Fuse4X on OSX for this, but I still feel this is not ideal.



Working over network is not ideal, but I’m really curious why would you consider a text editor level remote access superior to OS (FUSE) level remote access?




Working over network is not ideal, but I’m really curious why would you consider a text editor level remote access superior to OS (FUSE) level remote access?[/quote]

Cuz I dont wanna make tens of mounts when I am working on multiple servers.



If I was the author I would not implement this feature.

I can see how it might be convenient to have but it really doesn’t belong in an editor – the OS can do this simpler and more reliably.



I agree its definitely not ideal. I currently use ST2 on OSX. I use an app called Transmit to mount the remote server as a network drive. It’s better then nothing. I wish ST2 would support allowing me to open my files from Transmit but display the proper remote file path.



Ok I made a drive letter in Windows 7 connect to FTP.

Working with some files, Sublime 2 emptied all those files after some minutes.

Great now I have to get a backup.

Really nice editor but NOT for working on anything other than stuff on ur harddisk.


No more Sublime for me. Bye.



Most likely FTP (and other) plugins will improve vastly when Jon provides sidebar API hooks. At the moment, SFTP has two workflows, one which uses a remote->local dir branch sync allowing sidebar browsing by adding the local folder Sublime’s “add folder” hook, and the other which allows direct file editing, navigating files and folders using Sublime’s pop-up panels - a less-than ideal interface for such activities.

For users who like working in the mirrored local branch approach, that’s fine, but for direct FTP workflow it’s clunky for users who come from other editors. I expect that upcoming releases of Sublime will provide sidebar access in the API, and I’m guessing that at around the same time a new release of SFTP will appear to unify the interface of these two workflows. Just a guess tho :wink:


ps. go easy on me. I’m new here :smile:



I just setup a SAMBA server:

And it works perfect. I can access all my files just like a regular folder on the local machine via Sublime. Cheers!