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Wordwrap by default


Why is there not something simple to turn wordwrap on by default?

I’m not a major techie…but I’m not a luddite. And I just haven’t been able to find a definitive way of doing this?

A simple toggle somewhere would seem the way to go no?



From the main menu, Preferences > Settings (Sublime Text > Preferences > Settings if you’re on MacOS).

In the window that opens, the left hand side is the default settings; you can copy any settings from the left that you want to modify into the right hand pane and adjust as needed.

The setting you want is this one, shown here with the default value:

	// Disables horizontal scrolling if enabled.
	// May be set to true, false, or "auto", where it will be disabled for
	// source code, and otherwise enabled.
	"word_wrap": "auto",

Since it’s auto by default and you want it turned on, you are probably editing source code, so you can set the value to true:

	"word_wrap": true,


Ah…thanks! That works now.