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Word wrap at window size



Is there a way to get word-wrap to use the available space in the window? It currently wraps at 80 characters here, leaving empty space on the pane for another 60 or so.

Alternatively, how do I change the wrap limit? That would be good enough for me, as I tend to keep a similar window size.

Build 2047 looking good, by the way :+1:



Hi @ricab,

Thanks for sharing this!

The easiest way to adjust the wrap width would be by defining a ruler. You can add a ruler to the commit message input via Preferences > Preferences... > Commit Messages > Rulers.

Kind regards,
- Dylan



Hi @djohnston,

Thanks for the reply. I failed to specify that I meant the diff pane :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I had a look in the default diff settings in sublime-text and found exactly what I needed to transport to sublime-merge:

diff --git a/Diff.sublime-settings b/Diff.sublime-settings
index 509c4fc..7d6deff 100644
--- a/Diff.sublime-settings
+++ b/Diff.sublime-settings
@@ -3,4 +3,5 @@
 	"diff_style": "inline",
 	"draw_white_space": "selection",
 	"word_wrap": true,
+	"wrap_width": 0