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Windows Winget display version


As stated in the following two topics:
1. Topic
2. Topic

Sublime Text 4 is missing its version number for winget, which defeats the feature of automatic updates.

Since winget is the standard/only package manager for Windows 10 and 11, and therefore on basically every up-to-date machine, I would appreciate it if this could be included to simplify updating for all users.



To be clear, the only official supported update methods are On Windows, it’s builtin in ST. For any other unofficial methods, they are unrelated here, at least that’s what I feel what ST staff’s attitude is.

I highly doubt that these packages are maintained by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd. Otherwise, staff should’ve fix your issue.



Based on the package information:

The packages are maintained by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd,
that’s why I wrote into this forum.



As you can see here: those packages were submitted by 3rd parties.