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Windows-shortcut Windows+space is broken


I have a few keyboard-languages installed on Windows, and very frequently switch using the Windows+Space (holding down), then a number-key.

This doesn’t work in Sublime Text 3 - it’s as if Sublime is swallowing the space, and instead, with Windows+Space+2 it switches to the second program open in my taskbar, as if I had just pressed Windows+2.

Edit: Actually, most of the time it does switch the keyboard - the little menu that normally pops up when holding Windows+Space appears and disappears so fast you often don’t see it though, presumably because it not only switches the language, but then also the program as described above…

Any idea how I can fix this?
Can someone reproduce this or is it something on my machine? This happens only in Sublime, the Windows-shortcut works in every other program I use…



If you enable command logging in the Sublime Text console using sublime.log_commands(True) does anything get logged when you press windows+space?



sorry for the late response, I am not getting any logged commands using that.

I’m not sure how these windows-level-shortcuts usually work, but apparently Sublime is interfering somehow/someway?
It seems there’s two in play here, the normal holding Windows+space then number-key to finish; and Windows+number-key to switch to that program (order of the programs in the taskbar).

Can someone try and replicate this? Just need a few different keyboard-layouts.
If it’s just on my machine where this happens in Sublime, that might be a different story :smiley:



You can try reverting to a freshly installed state. I’m able to switch inputs just fine on my end using win+space.



Mh, still happens after the reset. It’s alright though, not that big a problem.

Might be something on my machine only, though I wouldn’t know what, really, but I’ll keep searching for more Windows-specific reasons.